Summer activities in Dalarna

Dalarna is a great destination for summer holidays, thanks to the long summer evenings. One of the favorite activities in Sweden is grilling a delicious sausage in the evening on a grill place at a lakeside.

Dalarna offers many opportunities to relax completely, but also to be active. Nature is diverse and challenging with the deep forests, many lakes, fast flowing rivers, exciting wilderness, quiet roads, inviting meadows, authentic farms and fantastic rich flora and fauna. Besides this you can also find peace and quietness, many beautiful natural areas and nature reserves.
This enchanting nature offers plenty of opportunities for many sporting and relaxing outdoor activities in all seasons and for everybody. For example, active hiking and biking or relaxed fishing and picking mushrooms or berries.

Walking and hiking

In this wonderful nature you can make beautiful walks, from small day trips to multi-day tours. There are many described and marked trails throughout Dalarna. You'll meet regularly large or small shelters, in some of them you can stay overnight.
In the region of Gagnef are many possible routes, even a total of 480 km of marked trails are available. Some trails go over very old traditional paths along 'fäboden', a kind of summer farms.
Another very beautiful area with beautiful walking and hiking paths is Gyllbergen, the largest nature reserve near Borlänge with a total 1,020 acres.
A long-distance hiking trail is the "Siljansleden". This walk goes largely around the lake Siljan and is totally 340 km long.

Cycling and biking

Dalarna is a beautiful area for cycling. Especially on the smaller quiet roads you can make very beautiful cycling tours. Fantastic cycling through all sorts of varied landscapes on small sealed roads and unsealed roads, also called gravel roads. The landscape is mostly undulating and hilly, with less differences of altitude.
The "Siljansleden" is besides a walking trail also a cycling trail of totally 310 km long. Parts of it can be made as day trips.
Another cycle trail that also goes through Dalarna is "Sverigeleden", one of the most beautiful and longest cycle trails of Sweden.

Playing golf

The golf courses in Dalarna are part of the total landscape. They are splendid situated and become merged with the surrounding nature. In woody areas in the middle of the rich nature or in the middle of the fields.
There are many courses available and most of them have 18 holes. The courses are free accessible, if you have a 'handicap'. The green fees are quite affordable, about 40-45 euros per day.
There are 18 hole golf courses in Gagnef, Borlänge, Falun, Leksand, Tällberg, Mora and Rättvik.

Water activities

The many lakes and rivers offer a lot possibilities for all kind of water activities.
There are plenty of swimming opportunities in one of the many lakes or in the river Dalälven. If the weather is not so good, the swimming-paradise Aqua Nova in Borlänge offers an alternative.
There are also many opportunities for fishing, canoeing, (whitewater) kayaking and rafting.
Streams, rivers and larger and smaller lakes are home to a wide variety of fish species. Also whitewater fishing is possible in the river Dalälven. If you want to fish you have to buy a fishing license.
You can make canoe tours with Canadian canoes or kayaks on the rivers (for example on the river Dalälven) and many lakes. Also whitewater kayaking and even rafting are possible in the rapids of the river Västerdalälven. You can rent canoes and kayaks at several locations in Dalarna.


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