Places of interest in Dalarna

There are many places of interest and touristic attractions in Dalarna.
The most visited sight is the Falu Copper Mine, located in Falun. This mine is more than 1,000 years old and is placed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.
A few of the many possibilities:

Falu Copper mine at Falun

One of the attractions well worth to visit is the Falu Copper Mine. This mining district is one of the fourteen sites on the World Heritage List in Sweden and added on this list in 2001. The copper mine was in operation since the late 8th century. In the 17th century this area became the main industrial area of Sweden and the mine was finally closed on December 8, 1992. You can visit the underground mine with a nice and exciting guided tour of 1 hour, visit the museum and make a walking trip of 3 km around the Great Pit (the large mine gap).
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Carl Larsson-gården at Sundborn

This house of Carl and Karin Larsson (museum) is the most popular attraction of Falun and is located in the idyllical place Sundborn, 13 km north of Falun. Carl Lasson (1853 – 1919) was a very famous Swedish artist. The Carl Larsson home is in itself a work of art, lovingly created by the Larssons. All the textiles of the house were designed and woven by Karin and she also designed much of the furniture. The interior is a source of inspiration to home lovers and interior designers all over the world. You can visit the house with a very interesting guided tour.
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Zorn museum at Mora

The Zorn Museum at Mora is one of Sweden's most established and well-known art museums. It exhibits works by Anders Zorn: paintings, sculptures, etchings and watercolours. Anders Zorn was one of Sweden's internationally best known artists. He was born in Mora on 18th February 1860 and died on 22nd August 1920. His fame abroad was founded mainly on his portraiture where he had the ability to capture the character and the personality of the depicted person. The Zorn House (Zorngården) at Mora is the creation of Anders and Emma Zorn.
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Midsummer is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice and Midsummer Eve, is celebrated on a Friday between June 19 and June 25.
The celibration of the Swedish Midsummer is a traditional event in Dalarna.
There's plenty of celibrations across the whole region and every little village has it's own. It is one of the most important holidays of the year in Sweden, and probably the most uniquely Swedish in the way it is celebrated.
Raising and dancing around a maypole (majstång in Swedish) is an activity that attracts families and many others. Before the maypole is raised, greens and flowers are collected and used to cover the entire pole. People dancing around the pole listen to traditional music and sing songs. Some wear traditional folk costumes or crowns made of wildflowers on their heads.

Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan is Sweden's sixth largest lake. This lake is 360 million years ago formed by a major meteorite impact.
The area is a very popular summer destination, with numerous outdoor festivals and attractions. The most important places around Siljan are Leksand, Mora, Orsa, Rättvik and Tällberg.
Mora is the largest town with several sight seeing buildings and statues. A statue of King Gustav Vasa, made by Zorn, is placed on a small hill at the finishing line of Vasaloppet. The annual Vasaloppet is a 90 kilometer cross country skiing event from Sälen to Mora and held in the honour of Gustav Vasa. The competition is visited by more than 48,000 annual participants in all the skiing events throughout the Vasaloppetweek in the beginning of March. At the finish line is also the Vasaloppsmuseum.
Rättvik is an old and touristic place with for example 'Långbryggan' a long pier of 628 meter. Dalhalla, nearby Rättvik, is an amphitheatre located in a former limestone quarry and is used as a summer music venue.
Tällberg is a picturesque town with beautiful views on the lake.

Dalecarlian horse in Nusnäs

The symbol for Dalarna and now also for Sweden is the Dalecarlian horse. The world-famous real Dalecarlian horse is manufactured in only one place on Earth, in the little village Nusnäs, near Mora. It is made for over 350 years and sold throughout the whole world. The horse is mostly hand carved and painted entirely by hand. Therefore every horse is unique. The production process can be followed during a visit at the company Nils Olsson.
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Orsa Rovdjurspark nearby Orsa

In this park you have an uniqe opportunity to watch the animals in their natural habitat. Here you will find bear, wolf, lynx, Eurasian owl, wolverine, Kamchatka bear, polar bear, amur tigers, Persian leopards and snow leopard side by side.
This park is the greatest bear park in Europe and is open all year round.
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