Holiday in Dalarna - in the middle of Sweden

Dalarna is a beautiful place for holidays in all seasons. It has four real seasons.
A spring with beautiful flowers. Long, hot summer nights when it barely gets dark. Autumn with brilliant fall colors, berries and mushrooms. And real winters with snow and ice.
In the summer the temperatures are very pleasant and the cold winters are bearable because of the dryness and bright sunny days.

Dalarna is called the most Swedish province of Sweden. It has everything: beautiful and rugged NATURE, with lots of flora and fauna, CULTURE, ancient traditions, folklore, art, museums and many tourist attractions.
Some special animal species that occur are: moose, wolves, bears, lynx, wolverines and cranes. There are growing many plant and flower species, including various types of orchids. A beautiful sight in early spring are fields filled with the fairly rare Vitsippa (wood anemone).

  One of the symbols of Dalarna and Sweden is the famous Dalarna horse,
  a painted wooden horse, of which thousands are made annually.

Dalarna is located in central Sweden, is about the size of Belgium and has only 275,000 inhabitants.
Characteristic of Dalarna are the typical Falu red houses with white roof lines. The Falu Redpaint (Swedish: faluröd) is made out of pigment from the mineralization of the Falu Copper Mine at Falun.

One of the traditional festivals in Sweden is MIDSUMMER. This is still very widely celebrated in Dalarna. Midsummer celebration, raising the maypole (Swedish: Majstångsresning), with folk music, parades and dancing around the maypole, is a special attraction and takes place in June. Almost every village has its own maypole from small to large. At Leksand at Lake Siljan the highest maypole of Dalarna is raised, this is always a big celebration.

The nature of Dalarna offers excellent possibilities for an active summer holiday or an exciting ski holiday. You can do all kind of outdoor activities, in the summer walking, hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming, fishing or playing golf and in the winter skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoe walking, ice skating, ice fishing and making snowmobile tours.

Staying in a holiday cottage (Swedish: stuga) is in Sweden a perfect way to spend the night. Dalarna offers many options to stay, from simple camping cottages through very comfortable and fully equipped cottages.


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Sifferbo Stugby and B&B

A modern and cozy holiday park located in Dalarna in central Sweden, surrounded by nature, in a beautiful forested area with many lakes and rivers. The park consists of authentic Swedish wooden houses, painted in the typical red color (called Falu Redpaint).